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Our members

Between them, YOG members have a huge variety of programmes on offer in many destinations and with many different options on price and length of stay. They are all experienced operators. You will see our logo on their website usually at the foot of their home page. It might orange, black or white.

All new members go through an application process, which includes an interview with the Group's Membership Committee. With the exception of Aspiring members, all the organisations whose activities are listed on this website are members of Year Out Group and have been through this process on joining and have satisfied the Committee that they meet the Membership Criteria. This means that they:

  • Support the Aims of Year Out Group.
  • Agree to abide by the Group's Code of Practice and Member's Charter.
  • Follow Operating Guidelines for their respective sectors.
  • Confirm their annual accounts
  • Have risk management policies and procedures in place that are in line with BS8848.
  • Have a crisis management policy and plan in place with trained staff and
  • Have public liability insurance of at least 2million. (note: some will not be required to have this level. if you have concerns, speak to the organisation in question and/or contact us).

Annual Assessment. Having joined each member is required to demonstrate annually that it continues to meet these criteria by re-stating their committment to our aims, ciode and charter and submitting their turnover and balance sheet and insurance details as part of the annual membership renewal process. We confirm they have submitted their last year's accounts to Companies House.

Expectation. Year Out Group takes an active role in helping members maintain these standards so long as they remain members of the Group. This is designed to provide assurance to all those planning or advising people of any age that are considering using the services of any of the Group's members that they can expect a good service and a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Disputes. Although Year Out Group cannot intervene directly in a dispute between one of our members and someone who participated in ther programme (e.g. a claim for a partial refund), we do offer the independent services of a Dispute Settlement Service. If both parties agree to use the service they are obliged to accept the decision. More information is available by email.

Note: We check that every UK company is filing their accounts with Companies House but we are not in a position to verify their accounts beyond that. Each year we ask our members to confirm their insurance matters and sign to the effect that they continue to adhere to our code of practive and charter. All companies will have submitted examples of risk assessments and crisis management plans on application and a senior staff member has been interviewed so we can satisfy ourself that they have sufficient knowledge and experience to deliver on their offer.

Other sites may make claims that they approve the programmes they promote, beyond establishing the company actually exists, they are a bit vague and do not apply the same checking criteria to all companies. Year Out Group have been vetting since 2000 which is why these new companies tend to promote our members first-we've already done the hard work for them!