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Become a Ski Instructor in 5 steps -Alltracks Academy

Date added: Tuesday 11th July 2017

Skiing for a season has been a perennial favourite as a Gap Year option. With so many keen skiers having their number one hobby limited to just a week or two a year, we’re desperate to live in a ski resort for a full season to partake in the best sport on earth for a decent amount of time. It’s an opportunity to really get to grips with the sport and enjoy the unique atmosphere of living in a resort.

If skiing for a season is your choice of a gap year then there are still decisions to make as to how you’ll go about it. Do you want to work as a chalet girl or boy, take an off piste ski course or improve your all mountain skiing and earning recognised qualifications whilst doing a ski instructor course?

If taking a ski instructor course sounds exciting and the right option for you, Alltracks Academy have numerous options from 4 - 11 weeks. Many people wish to extend their time in Canada for the rest of the season by working as a ski instructor after their course ends. 

Working as an instructor can be an incredibly rewarding experience and great fun too. Especially at a world class resort like Whistler where you’ll get to live and work with people from all over the world.

Here’s what do you need to have if you want to make working as an instructor part of your Year Out:

1.     Be an Advanced Skier: Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have an be an absolute expert before you arrive but you should be of a decent standard. Provided you are an intermediate skier or above, you’ll improve rapidly on a training course and get to instructor standard by the end.

2.     Be Motivated: Understand that although there are often jobs available, you need to demonstrate that you really want it. Have your CV and Cover Letter up to date and be ready and willing to go to the interviews during, or after, your course. If you’re on an ALLTRACKS course, be sure to read our CV & Career Guidance on the Guest Intranet Site.

3.     Get Experience: We understand that if you’ve just left school, you’ll almost certainly not have worked an instructor before. However, you should be able to demonstrate an interest in leadership, teaching and coaching. This could manifest itself in having done some form of volunteer sports coaching either a school or for a local club, or having completed Duke of Edinburgh or held a position of responsibility at school or university.

4.     Choose the Right Course: Although people have managed to get a ski instructor job after all of our courses, ones that finish earlier in the season obviously leave more time to work if that’s what you’re looking to do.

5.     Be Positive & Smile: A ski instructor’s personality is of at least equal importance to their skiing skills, especially in Canada where there is a huge emphasis on customer service. Greeting people with a smile and making sure they’re enjoying themselves is critical. On an Alltracks course we’ll give you the skiing skills, but you need to bring your own passion for teaching skiing and seeing others enjoy the sport as much as you do.

If you’re keen to become a ski instructor and work in Canada this winter our ski internship course or one of our ski instructor courses could be for you. Please get in touch with the UK office at or 01794 301 777 if you would like to discuss further.