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Travellers Worldwide - member since 2000

Travellers Worldwide - member since 2000

Established in 1994 Travellers is a founder member of the Year Out Group with 15 years experience and a knack for developing exceptional projects with imagination! We know this once in a lifetime opportunity has to be perfect. That's why we strive to create flexible, uniquely tailored projects at exceptional prices.

  • Teaching - teach a wide variety of subjects to disadvantaged children - including English, Music, Dance, Drama, IT, Maths...
  • Care - work with orphans, abused children, street children, children with learning and physical disabilities and adults. Available across the globe in some of the most needy and poor communities.
  • Sports - Whether you just love sport, or you're a professional - we have the project for you!
  • Conservation - play a meaningful role in helping to preserve threatened and endangered species. A wide variety of worthwhile projects available.
  • Work Experience Internships- professional & hands on internships in numerous areas, including Law, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Marketing, Journalism, TV & Radio Production, Web Design...and many more
  • Cultural Courses - tango, surfing, capoeira, photography, meditation, yoga or martial arts to name a few....or become a pilot, scuba diving instructor or qualified paraglider!
  • Language Courses -Live, eat and breathe the language in-country. It's the best way to learn! Many language to choose from, including Mandarin, Spanish, Tamil and Swahili.

Why Travellers?

  • the most important thing to us is YOU!
  • exceptional support - large local & international staff force available 24/7
  • flexibility making each placement unique
  • interesting quality projects
  • no previous experience required

We make dreams come true and could be the solution you've been looking for! Thoughtful and fun projects alongside life changing experiences - create your future.